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Dr. Ismail Badjie (PharmD)

Founder & CEO

Dr. Ismail D. Badjie is an accomplished healthcare innovator and entrepreneur, whose international upbringing and education have significantly shaped his approach to healthcare solutions. Born in The Gambia and having spent part of his childhood in Belgium and New York, Dr. Badjie returned to his home country to complete his education before venturing back to the U.S. There, he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry from Tennessee State University and later, a Doctor of Pharmacy from Purdue University.

Beginning his career in North Carolina as a licensed pharmacist, Dr. Badjie acquired over a decade of diverse experience in the pharmacy industry. His expertise extends from managing a high-volume community pharmacy at Walgreens—overseeing substantial sales and inventory—to specialized knowledge in areas like medication therapy management and adult immunizations. His dedication to improving healthcare efficiencies has also earned him a Six-Sigma Green Belt.

In 2015, Dr. Badjie leveraged his rich professional background to found Innovarx Global Health (IGH), serving as its CEO and steering the company's mission to bridge healthcare access gaps using technology. Innovarx first expanded to The Gambia, implementing a U.S.-style community pharmacy that serves as the hub for an integrated health ecosystem encompassing telemedicine, point-of-care diagnostics, and last-mile delivery of healthcare services. His visionary model focuses on continuity of care and preventive health, expanding service access to diaspora communities and fundamentally transforming healthcare delivery in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Beyond his role at IGH, Dr. Badjie is a motivational speaker and author, imbuing his work with a passion for empowerment and patient care advocacy, driving meaningful change and impacting lives beyond the scope of traditional healthcare.

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