Geriatric (Elderly) Care Plan

Geriatric (Elderly) Care Plan

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With Elderly patients as ideal candidates, the IGH Geriatric plan is designed to cater to the delicate needs of our elderly patients with or without chronic conditions. A Comprehensive Wellness Screening is required for eligibility for this Care Plan.

For respective costs and selected durations of the plan, the patient receives: 

- Weekly In-house visits from our trained Nursing staff
- 2 Prescription Medications or vitamin supplements a month
- 20% Discount on all IGH products and services
- Free Wellness On Wheels (WOW) Delivery from Banjul to Basse

G+ Ambulance Service (1 year)

The ambulatory service will ensure all patients under a plan will have access to rescue and evacuation services in case of any emergencies. The benefits included within this service are as follows;  

  • Access to ambulance rescue and evacuation services 24/7 in case of emergencies. 
  • Treatment and stabilization on site. 
  • Transfer to nearest approved hospital of choice. 
  • Advance notification and diagnosis report to the receiving medical facility for speedy casualty admission. 

Please fill out the the following details in order to help us expedite your service. The beneficiary is the person in Gambia who will be receiving the service.