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Wellness Consultant

The Gambia

Full Time

Point of Sale (POS) Duties

  • Efficiently check out customers and process transactions for both corporate packages and individual customers, ensuring accuracy and adherence to company policies. 

  • Provide exceptional customer service by actively assisting shoppers throughout their purchasing journey, helping them locate products, and offering guidance on available options. 

  • Facilitate seamless interactions between customers and specialized staff, such as nurses or pharmacists, to address specific healthcare-related inquiries or concerns. 

Floor Duties

  • Assume responsibility for a designated aisle, ensuring it is well-maintained, organized, and aesthetically pleasing for customers. 

  • Regularly replenish and restock merchandise on the aisle to guarantee product availability and optimal presentation. 

  • Accurately apply price tags to items, promoting a consistent and professional pricing system. 

  • Monitor inventory levels and promptly communicate restocking needs to management to avoid out-of-stock situations. 

  • Uphold high standards of cleanliness throughout the store, proactively addressing any spills or debris to ensure a safe and inviting shopping environment. 

  • Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the products within the assigned aisle and promptly address customer inquiries regarding features, usage, and benefits. 

Order Fulfillment

  • Efficiently process incoming orders from the online store, ensuring accuracy and timely execution.

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